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The stressors of life, if not monitored and combated, could have serious effects on one's wellness - even life threatening consequences.   
Stress, when not relieved, can result in high blood pressure, breathing difficulties, compromised immune systems and chronic ailments.
Massage directly relieves stress by facilitating the body's natural "relaxation response" function of the nervous system.   

Specifically, the benefits of massage include:
Increased Circulation
  - reduces swelling and impedes fluid retention
  - increases oxygen to the brain allowing for 
    temporary mental clarity
  - hastens healing from surgery and injury
Calming of the Nervous System
  - deepens and slows breathing
  - improves appetite and digestion
  - assists in relief of constipation and chronic pain
Release of Muscle Tension
  - deepens sleep
  - reduces muscle spasm
  - facilitates ease of movement
  - improves balance and coordination
Massage Therapy is now successfully being used in 
the effective treatment of a variety of conditions 
and illnesses including but not limited to:
Carpal Tunnel Syndromerelieves the intensity of symptoms 
Insomnia: produces more restful sleep 
Asthmadeepens and slows breathing 
Arthritisreduces pain and swelling 
Auto-Immune Diseases: boosts the immune system. 
Alzheimer's Disease: reduces agitation 
Premature Infantsmassaged infants gain weight faster, are more alert, active and responsive.
Fibromyalgiareduces inflammation thereby relieving chronic pain.
TMJ Disorderreleases  tension stored in the muscles in and around the jaw joint.
Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your wellness.
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