a wellness center
We offer tools and techniques for transformation, wellness and healing of the whole person. Our classes are an important part of this vision, providing the methods for you to take ownership of your health!

The "drop in" fee for each class is $15
Because we know you will enjoy our classes and you'll want to attend regularly,  
you may even want to attend multiple classes... 
Class cards are available for our ongoing classes! 
5 classes - $59 / 10 classes - $99

Flow For All Yoga ~ 5:30
Instructor: Khary Thornton

Tai Chi Qi Gong for Health and Fun~ 10:00am (CLASS IS FULL)
​Instructor: Corinne Chaves

​Beginning Qi Gong ~ 5:30pm
​Instructor: Cindy Farrar

​Relax and Renew Yoga ~ 11:00am 
​Instructor: Whitney Jones

Beginning Qi Gong ~ 12:30pm  
​Instructor: Cindy Farrar

Tai Chi - Yang 24 form simplified ~ 6:00pm
Instructor Corinne Chaves

Meditation ~ 7pm
Instructor Corinne Chaves

Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes
 Have fun while experiencing the many beneficial effects of consistent Tai Chi and Qi Gong practice:

  Reduce stress,
  Improve flexibility and strength,
  Improve immune function,
  Regulate metabolic system,
  Improve balance, digestion,
  Reduce high blood pressure,
  Clear blockages

This class focuses on Qi Gong for health and introduces the practice of a variety of basic forms such as Tai Chi Qi Gong 18 Movements part 1, Wudang Primordial Qi Gong 1, 8 Pieces Brocade  and introductory meditation.

Relax and Renew Yoga 
The goal of this class is to have you leave feeling calm and rejuvenated. It includes centering meditation, breathing techniques, gentle stretching, and moderate holding of some postures as appropriate. This class is appropriate for students new to yoga as well as experienced students looking for a more internal practice.

1:1/Yoga Therapy Sessions with Chris Mastin
Yoga therapy is the application of yoga techniques to help those facing health challenges manage their condition, reduce symptoms, restore balance, increase vitality, and improve well-being. Through the application of physical postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation, yoga therapy provides a holistic approach to the healing process. Yoga therapy integrates the healing of the body with the healing of the mind and emotions and can be a wonderful complement to other wellness therapies and classes.

Even if you're not dealing with a chronic condition or recovery from surgery or injury, a one-on-one yoga session can help you learn more about your body and its movement patterns and how to move safely into and out of postures. Private sessions provide a great opportunity to enhance your yoga practice while allowing you to focus on yourself and your needs, and can be an excellent way to ensure you get the most out of community classes or your home practice.  

Tai Chi
Tai chi is often described as "meditation in motion," but it might well be called "medication in motion." There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice, which originated in China as a martial art, has value in treating or preventing many health problems.
(Harvard Women's Health Watch, May 2009)
Tai Chi - Yang Simplified 24

Meditation is a simple but profound practice that leads us into a place of inner stillness and regeneration. In this class you will learn and experience some basic meditation practices to make your own.
Offered the first Tuesday each month.

(These classes are not currently offered)
Rest and Restore Yoga
Stressed out? Can’t sleep? This all-levels class can help with simple breathwork, centering meditation, and supportive yoga postures to calm your mind and soothe your soul. People of all shapes and sizes are invited. Beginners always welcome! Come find out why they call it yog-ahhhhh...

Flow For All Yoga
This class focuses on connecting the mind, body and soul through pranayama (breath), meditation, and asana (yoga postures). All levels are welcome as modifications are offered for various levels. An active vinyasa flow, deep stretches and strength building will leave you feeling challenged, grounded, stronger and rejuvenated. 

Stretch and Strengthen Yoga 
This class provides a balance of stretching and strengthening for the body. It focuses on deep breathing and longer holding times for postures to build energy and cultivate the mind's capacity to witness. This class is appropriate for experienced students without injuries or who have the awareness to protect themselves if dealing with an injury.

Beginner's Tai Chi
Beautiful Tai Chi is the synthesis of hard and soft, strength and flexibility, water overcoming stone. To achieve fluency the practitioner needs to build strength, increase flexibility, and internalize their awareness of the flow of the movements.

Chen Style Tai Chi
Chen Style Taiji classes focus on the fundamentals of proper structure and movement.
Morning Warrior Qi Gong
Shake off your body's stagnation