Stone Soup Ethics – 4 CEs
The Recipe for Success = What you bring to the ethical pot

In every interaction and every thought, we make ethical decisions. Though it appears to happen practically automatically, what informs our ethical decisions is a complex application of personal and professional beliefs and values utilized in the assessment of the situation at hand. While having written codes help us to define appropriate behavior in specific ethical situations, success is in understanding and knowing the path to ethical decision making. This interactive class presents the code of ethics in the context of ethical theory and discusses the considerations within the various ethical categories. 

Authentic Client Centered Massage Therapy (Part One) – 6 CEs
Take your sessions to the next level

As massage therapists we strive to address the individual needs of our clients. Authentic Client Centered Massage Therapy is the holistic hands on application that brings awareness to how we are and everything we do in our sessions has impact on our effectiveness and our client’s experience. 

Authentic Client Centered Massage Therapy (Part Two) – 6 CEs
Getting out of the way

Beginning at the time we enter massage school throughout our careers, as massage therapists we amass a great deal of information and many tools. Our effort to sort through it all from anatomy and physiology to specific techniques and modalities can in fact, get in the way of being able to access the information we need to most effectively address our client’s needs. This class builds upon the foundation laid in Part One and presents Mindfulness and Intuition as applied hands on therapeutic techniques. (Part one not necessary but helpful).

[Re] Ignite Your Passion – 4 CEs
Getting and Staying Fired Up

We all have demands coming at us from all directions. How we negotiate the demands imapcts our effectiveness as therapists and in our lives in general. In this very interactive class we will explore what sparks our passion(s) and identify ways we can successfully maintain our fire.

                                                2018 Summer and Fall Schedule
​                                                 All classes held at
                                      Massage Associates of Atlanta, LLC
                                      5165 Lavista Rd.,Tucker, GA 30084
​                                                           770.508.9016 (Cindy)

July 14              Stone Soup Ethics                                                      $60 (4 CEs)        
1pm - 5pm          (20 student max)

September 22    Authentic Client Centered Massage Therapy (I)       $95 (6 CEs)
9am - 4pm          (10 student max)

September 23    Authentic Client Centered Massage Therapy (II)     $95 (6 CEs)
9am - 4pm         (10 student max)

                                           Multi-Class Savings!!

                                  ACCMT I & II                                                               $175
​                            (12 Hands on CEs) 

                          ACCMT I, II and Ethics                                                   $225
​                      (16 Total CEs -12 Hands on CEs/4 non Hands on)          

October 13   Class Pending
October 14   Class Pending

October 27   Class Pending
October 28   Class Pending

              All classes are taught by Cindy E. Farrar, LMT, BCTMB, CLC
Owner of Massage Associates of Atlanta, LLC, Heart of Becoming Life and Business Coaching and Applied Therapeutic Perpsectives, Cindy has been practicing massage since 1998. She began her journey in massage education in 2003. Cindy has been Lead Instructor and Assistant Director of Educator (Atlanta School of Massage), National Presenter (2015 AMTA Convention), AMTA Chapter Keynote Speaker. She volunteered as an AMTA Georgia Chapter President and National Director. Cindy is also a certified life coach.

Energizing Continuing Education for Massage Therapy                                                Cindy E. Farrar
                                                                                                                                                     LMT, BCTMB, CLC                   
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