All classes are taught by Cindy
A massage therapist since 1997, Cindy is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the wellness center she owns and operates. Ever evolving, she has expanded beyond her personal massage and bodywork practice to include Certified Life and Business Coaching, Certified Qi Gong Instructor and becoming an NCBTMB Approved Provider of Continuing Education. In addition Cindy’s experience also includes 15+ years in massage education, volunteer leadership with the AMTA, community service and public speaking. “I am grateful to be afforded the opportunity to live my passions. It is my honor to share them with my clients, students and community.”

"Experienced, sharp, and professional... with heart. You can't go wrong..." Heather Hale, BS, LMT, RN, IHC​

"Cindy, is very knowledgeable as well as experienced in her field. Cindy also has wisdom beyond her years."  
Carmel Cooper, LMT

What students are saying:
Stone Soup Ethics ~ "Great class! One of the best I've taken. Ethics made fun!" Sharon Remaly, LMT

ACCMT II ~ "Everyone needs this class!" Teresa Smith-Hernandez, LMT 

TMJD ~ "Great knowledge of subject matter. Love the whole body/holistic perspective." Class feedback form

Cindy E. Farrar
2019 Schedule

International Institute of Massage Therapy
Idaho Falls, ID                     
                                                                      Early Registration by June 1, 2019        After June 1, 2019
Weekend Package - Total 18 CEs!                         $395                                                        $425
25 - TMJD (12 CEs)                                                                                      
26 - TMJD continued     
27am - Stone Soup Ethics (3 CEs)         
27pm - [Re]Ignite Your Passion (3 CEs)  

 Class Descriptions
TMJD, It ain’t all in your head! -  (Hands On)
Sink your teeth into this hands on class that presents the treatment of TMJ related pain and tension from a holistic perspective. We will review and address relevant cranial and anteriolateral neck muscles as well as the specific muscles of mastication. In addition, we will explore the fascia of the deep frontal line with emphasis to the pelvic girdle, diaphragm and iliopsoas. After receiving the applications presented in this class, your clients will experience ‘jaw dropping’ session results.

Students will demonstrate:
Knowledge of TMJ musculo-skeletal anatomy
Understanding of TMJD 
Knowledge of TMJ treatment considerations
Proficiency in 
oclient assessment regarding the TMJD implications
otreating the TMJ structure 
oaddressing the muscles of the pelvic girdle, diaphragm, iliopsoas
Comprehension of the complementary fascial applications
Basic understanding of accessory applications

Stone Soup Ethics –  (Lecture/Discussion)
The Recipe for Success = What you bring to the ethical pot

In every interaction and every thought, we make ethical decisions. Though it appears to happen practically automatically, what informs our ethical decisions is a complex application of personal and professional beliefs and values utilized in the assessment of the situation at hand. While having written codes help us to define appropriate behavior in specific ethical situations, success is in understanding and knowing the path to ethical decision making. This fresh, interactive class presents the code of ethics in the context of ethical theory and discusses the considerations within the various ethical categories. 

 Students will demonstrate:
A deep understanding of ethical principles
Proficiency in ethical decision making
Comprehension of their individual ethical impact
Discernment of personal and professional beliefs and core values

[Re] Ignite Your Passion –  (Lecture/Discussion)
Getting and Staying Fired Up

Our passion and our journey are inextricably linked. Passion is the energy that fuels our journey. To have a ‘fully involved’ journey we must know what SPARKs our journey and how to keep it burning. We all have demands coming at us from all directions. How we negotiate the demands impacts our effectiveness as therapists and in our lives in general. In this very interactive class we will explore what SPARKS our passion(s) and identify ways we can successfully maintain our fire.

Students will be able to: 
Effectively employ tools to minimize impact of internal and external factors on the
pursuit of their passion 
Discern the blocks to pursuing their passion
Understand the importance of self-care and self awareness
Apply the 5 step process to {Re}Igniting their passion

Authentic Client Centered Massage Therapy (ACCMT) I -  (Hands On)
The use of "client centered" has become very popular in the marketing of massage. What does it really mean? This course provides clear perspectives Authentic Client Centered Massage Therapy. We then apply those specific perspectives in the therapeutic massage session to enhance the client experience and effectiveness of the massage.
Students will: 
Demonstrate Increased awareness of their role in the therapeutic partnership 
List the specific ACCMT perspectives in the therapeutic partnership
Identify the wellness model of client treatment
Apply the specific perspectives presented in a therapeutic session
Utilize the specific therapeutic application considerations in a therapeutic session
Utilize demonstrated efficient body mechanics in a therapeutic session to enhance the client experience

Authentic Client Centered Massage Therapy (ACCMT) II -  (Hands On)
Massage therapy education provides students/therapists with a vast amount of tools and knowledge. One of the most valuable assets is critical thinking. There are times that in the therapeutic session this ability may lead to overthinking and distraction. This course will present the research and efficacy of the application of Mindfulness and Intuition as valuable additional therapeutic tools. So that the therapist can 'get out of the way' of enhancing their effectiveness in the Authentic Client Centered Massage Therapy session.

Mindfulness and Intuition are tools that require consistent and regular practice to manifest proficiency. Therefore, the learning outcomes are as follows.
Students will demonstrate:
Ability to define, discuss, apply mindfulness and intuition in the therapeutic massage session
Understanding of the benefits of mindfulness and intuition as therapeutic tools
Discuss and apply the C.L.E.A.R Intuitive process in the therapeutic massage session

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