Life is becoming
My purpose as a Certified Life Coach is to help you to become who you really are, want to be and go where you desire to go. I will assist you to explore where you are so you are able to  successfully navigate the path to achieve your purpose, passion and promise.

Integrated Balance
Wellness Coaching is designed to give you the tools and techniques to live a balanced, healthier life. The approach encompasses body, mind and spirit.

Finding something greater
When you have that sense of knowing there is something far greater than yourself and more significant to this thing called life. Though the path may be unclear. Spiritual Coaching can assist you in discovering the answers to a clear path.

​Living Your Passion
Career Coaching sessions are set up to assist you to identify your career aspirations and create a plan to realize them

Learning to soar
Business Coaching is all about helping your business attain its highest level of functionality and success. This often entails a combination of individual and group coaching session.

First Steps
Half Hour Assessment     

Short Term Goals
One Hour Session            $85

On Your Way
3 One Hour Sessions        $250

On Your Path
6 One Hour Sessions        $475

Beginning to Be
​12 One Hour Sessions     $900

Realizing the Potential
1:1 Business Coaching
One Hour Session

Please call 770.508.9016
For Group Coaching Rates
Cindy E. Farrar
Certified Life Coach
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