a wellness center
"What I sense as the quality that makes Cindy a unique practitioner is her compassion and sensitivity to understand the needs of her clients and the community she serves."
Maria A. Schiaffino, MD
"Being led by her great enthusiasm for her practice and clients, Cindy is in a constant state of growth. Over the years, I have enjoyed the opportunity of referring my patients to her for what I know to be exceptional care."
Lisa K. White, DC
Tucker Chiropractic
"Now I can say 'it is well' with my soul and my body."
Luther E. Smith
Professor & Clergy
Emory University

"Since receiving regular massages, I have a better sense of health that has improved my overall outlook."
Heather S.
client with fibromyalgia
"As an educator, I admire and appreciate Cindy's efforts to stay up-to-date in her field, giving her the ability to offer the most recent and reliable therapies."
Barbara L. French, RN

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